With a new gaming year upon us, we’ve got some highly anticipated titles coming our way. The remake of Resident Evil 4 isn’t too far off; and we’ll get to experience the remake of Dead Space before that. Plus a new Skate. Holy cow!
But that’s not all. 2023 will serve as the year we finally get Hollow Knight: Silksong. Team Cherry’s long-awaited Metroidvania sequel is just about wrapped up, and set to arrive on numerous platforms – as well as Xbox Game Pass – sometime this year. Yes, finally.
This title is a big deal, especially for anyone that loves indie games or remembers how well the original game worked out. But for everyone else, let’s break down why this game is so highly anticipated.

There’s No Game Out There Like Hollow Knight
When Hollow Knight came out in February 2017, it shook the world. With its mesmerizing hand-
drawn animation, great gameplay and challenging Metroidvania set-up, it created an
experience like no other. It ended up on many game of the year lists as a result, and continues
to be a hot seller for the indie developer today.

So, of course, to no one’s surprise, there was a lot of anticipation when the follow-up, Hollow Knight: Silksong, was initially announced during a Nintendo broadcast just two years later. People began to clamor to return into this magical world, facing new dangers and picking up special talents along the way.
But then…nothing. Team Cherry noted that the game was still in development here and there, but, alas, everything was silent when it came to Silksong. As a result, many gamers worried that it would be along the lines of Duke Nukem Forever, taking what would feel like an eternity to arrive.
Then, in June 2022 (three years later), some hope arrived. A new trailer was shown during a Microsoft presentation, revealing that the game is moving right along and set to arrive in 2023. What’s more, along with releasing on other platforms, it would also be a Day One Xbox Game Pass release. (The original Hollow Knight is currently available for play on the service.)

It just goes to show that patience for a title like this is rewarded, and once it finally arrives sometime this year, we’ll finally get to see it live up to – or even exceed – expectations of the original.

So What’s the Story On Silksong?
Team Cherry hasn’t provided enough details for us to piece together what the plot of Silksong is. However, we do know two things.
The first is that the game will continue where the first one left off, so it’ll likely have ties with what happened with the original Knight.
And, secondly, we’ll get to meet Hornet, a new hero that players will be able to take control of. They seem to have a greater deal of mobility, as well as new techniques that will help them battle massive bosses and get around the massive Metroidvania-ish levels. The trailer has indicated that 150 new enemies will be lying in wait, so you’ll have your hands full while adapting to the amazing combat system. Not to mention the secrets to find and other characters that will assist you over the course of your journey.

Soon Hollow Will Be Complete
Now it’s just a matter of playing the waiting game. But Team Cherry seems very confident in the product, pushing it again to get gamers excited. And the fact it will finally arrive sometime this year (summer, perhaps?) has us excited to play again.
Indeed, Silksong should be sweet music to our ears when it arrives. Are you looking forward to it?

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