While The Callisto Protocol does a good job with its take on the Dead Space formula, there’s some team members that didn’t quite get the thanks they deserved.
A new report from GamesIndustry.biz revealed that five team members formerly with Striking Distance Studios were omitted from the game credits. And that’s just part of it, as over 20 people have reportedly been left out altogether.
One source noted that the situation “stings,” and “It sucks. I made a good amount of contribution and worked on it for [a length of time]. To just not be there at all is shitty.”What’s more, a lot of these people made huge contributions to the game. “I understand if a contractor does a small amount of work for a few months and is left off, but we’re talking full-time employees with over a year invested in the title, and had a hand in significant parts of the product,” one developer noted from the report. “That’s where the surprise has come from for a lot of us.”
Sadly, Striking Distance Studios has yet to say anything on the matter. So it’s anyone’s guess how it’s going to go.
The Callisto Protocol is available now, and you can read our review here.
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