It’s hard to believe that Taito has been making games for nearly 70 years now. This year, the company celebrates its anniversary, with a majority of that time spent making classics like Space Invaders and Bust-a-Move, among countless others.
But which ones truly stand the time as the very best? That’s going to make for some interesting arguments. However, we’ve selected a handful that we feel truly stand out as far as the company’s development prowess is concerned. If you can, hunt these down and enjoy them today!

Space Invaders
Of course, we have to start with one of the legendary releases that helped put Taito on the map to begin with. In 1978, the company set the standard for shooters with the arcade fave Space Invaders. Since then, it’s seen a number of following releases and sequels, although nothing beats the original when it comes to the nail-biting tension from saving the world. Just remember to hit the UFO for bonus points!

Bubble Bobble
It’s funny how Bub and Bob have come out of nowhere to become some of the most iconic characters in Taito’s gaming history. They got their start with the simple-in-concept-but-hard-to-master Bubble Bobble, where you (and a friend) attempt to pop enemies with bubbles, while at the same time collecting fruit and boosting their scores. The game’s still a lot of fun today, and you can actually play the original in the Arcade Archives release for PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch.

Elevator Action
There’s something about an easy concept converted into an amazing game that truly stands out – and that’s Elevator Action for you. You play an agent recovering agents and shooting bad guys while riding elevators and escalators, trying to make your way to the ground floor. It’s addictive and a lot of fun. And, for good measure, its sequel Elevator Action Returns is a good time as well. Plus it supports co-op!

Zoo Keeper
Oh, you want to talk frantic? Let’s talk frantic. In Zoo Keeper, you portray the title character, capturing animals and keeping them from breaking out of a cell. The thing is, you have to make your way around the cell to rebuild the walls before they break through. It’s easier said than done, but an absolute blast after all these years. Plus the bonus stages are a fun little platforming breather.

The ball-and-paddle formula introduced with Atari’s Super Breakout had yet to be perfected…until Taito’s Arkanoid came along. With this neat little spin, it takes place in the future, where you guide the Doh vessel through a number of stages while picking up power-ups. It’s seen a number of sequels, along with the awesome Eternal Battle that’s currently available for consoles. But you can’t be the original with the classic paddle control!

BONUS: Darius
Let’s talk about the Darius series. It’s bonkers. Think classic space shooter, but with an awesome mix of robot fish that you have to blast from the sky. Never mind who built these fish,
you’ve got warnings to heed and bosses to take down. This series has always been amazing, starting with the earlier games and leading up to Chronicle Saviors, featured below. Of course, G-Darius is rad sauce as well – and we know how well fish go with rad sauce.

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