Considering the success of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated as of late, we figured it would be a matter of time before THQ Nordic decided to swim a little deeper on the popular Nickelodeon character. And lo and behold, the Shake is on.
Like that previous release, The Cosmic Shake is all about 3D platforming, and completing missions in the hopes of reforming a torn-apart universe. It doesn’t revolutionize the genre by any means. But for anyone that enjoys a good SpongeBob romp – or, at the very least, doesn’t mind ramming a seahorse through fences and into enemies – this is definitely something to Shake things up with.

Maybe Don’t Wish For the Universe To Be Torn Apart
When SpongeBob and Patrick get their hands on some wish-granting mermaid tears, things couldn’t possibly go wrong, right? Um…you apparently don’t know these two. A quick opening reveals that they accidentally tore apart their universe, and must now work with their buddies in an effort to make things right.
the cosmic shake
But don’t fret, this isn’t a world-ending paradox. It’s just another SpongeBob adventure, lovingly written on the same level as the animated show. It’s filled with laughs for all ages, along with top-notch performances from the original voice cast (yep, that’s Patrick!) and lovable Hawaiian music. Don’t worry, they’ve got it under control. Maybe.
And like Rehydrated, The Cosmic Shake also looks great. The seven different worlds you’ll explore here are vast and packed with secrets and fun little characters; and the game’s performance is sharp overall, at least as far as the newer consoles are concerned. The animations are also quite adorable (even on enemies you smack into oblivion with your bubble wand), and the in-game story sequences are a hoot.
Again, it’s hardly game-changing, but The Cosmic Shake gets just as much right as Rehydrated, while also keeping things fresh with its crisp game engine. It looks and sounds like the show, so it’s a joy to behold.

Platforming Goodness
The gameplay also does pretty well when it comes to capturing the aspects of SpongeBob. It’s typical 3D platforming, but with a good deal of accuracy and flair. That means making big jumps, gliding over to new platforms, and even getting into combat scenarios is good fun. There are also some terrific horse-riding sequences where you burst through walls and run over foes like bowling pins. We just wish there was a racing game that came from it. (Maybe later, THQ?)
the cosmic shake
There’s also a lot of great costumes to unlock across the worlds, each with different themes. From cowboys to pirates, there’s a lot of space covered here. That said, we do wish the hidden collectibles had more value aside from unlocking alternative outfits. If any game needed some replay value (or maybe a New Game+), it’s this one.
Overall, though, The Cosmic Shake does give you plenty to do, and is just as much of a treat for kids and adults alike as the last game. That’s noteworthy.

Shakin’ Loose and Having Fun
While SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake won’t be confused in the same breath as, say, the Crash Bandicoot games, it does continue to avoid the pratfalls of subpar licensed fare. It’s a fun platformer that you can play with your young ones, or maybe enjoy yourself if you’re enough of a fan. And it looks and sounds great, too.
So drop on the deck and flop like a fish. This one’s for you, SpongeBob fans.

The Bottom Line:
What it lacks in innovation, SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake more than makes up for with silly, enjoyable platforming fun.

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