I know there are some people that live to game on their couch. Sure, some people have deluxe desks – or even standing desks – but for the most part, there’s something about sinking into your sofa with your laptop and phone practically within reach.
For those people, the Cyboss Couchmaster might just be for you. It’s an ergonomic mini-desk that you can sit in your lap when you’re doing prolonged work (or play) in your couch, complete with places to put your USB cable and other accessories. And it’s pretty comfy, too.
That said, it does have some things going against it, making it less ideal than, say, a gaming desk. But if your couch is your utopia, you might just want to give it a look.

What the Heck Is a Couchmaster?
Cyboss’ peripheral is like a mini-desk that you place on top of your lap after you’re already settled into your couch. It’s a cinch to build and features a decent amount of space for your laptop computer, your mouse, your phone, your energy drink and all the accessories. This is due to the big but still sturdy build that holds it all in place. The drawers make it
convenient for you to store certain things you’re not using, and the space within the desk makes it easy – even for big gamers – to get comfortable. No tight fit here, which is a huge plus.
On top of that, there’s a lot of space on this desk. You can use your mouse pretty freely with the built-in pad, and you can even comfortably rest your arms on its sides. It also holds your laptop and iPhone pretty well, though it does so straight up. That means, if you want them at an angle, you’ll have to bring your own holders. Just letting you know.
Overall, the build is pretty nice, with lots of sturdiness and comfort if you know you’re going to have long couch sessions. However, there are some things that could use improvement.
Cyboss Couchmaster
The Downside of the Couchmaster
First off, while this peripheral is large, that doesn’t mean it’s friendly with all couches. We tested it on two of them, and the bigger one definitely fared better because of its build. Those will smaller loveseats or what-not need not apply with the Couchmaster.
On a big couch, it’s comfortable enough, and really does keep you involved with work. But there’s also the hassle of having to move everything aside to use the restroom or get up for anything. That’s the thing about recommending a game desk instead, it just stays there while you get up and do your thing. With the Couchmaster, you have to shuffle things around.
Also, the wrist rests aren’t as cozy as they could be. This is due to the grips that are put into them to keep them in place. It’s all too easy for them to lose their stance, and you keep having to read just during deep gameplay sessions. It’s not the worst thing, but just so you know.
Finally, there’s the price. You can probably get a good gaming desk for around $100-$150 or so. The Couchmaster is a little more demanding, up there around $179. While that may be convenient for those of you with little space (but big couches), for everyone else that may be too much to bear.
Cyboss Couchmaster
Not a Master For All
The Cyboss Couchmaster is a novel idea, with some built-in features for your cables and accessories, as well as a large build that makes it worthwhile for anyone small or large. But its price, coupled with some features that could’ve used adjusting, doesn’t make it a proper fit for everyone. It just really depends on how you play.
If you’re all about staying on your couch, however, it’s not a bad option to consider.

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