It’s been a pretty quiet start to 2022 for Microsoft and the Xbox label, but that could soon change.
A new report from Windows Central hints that a big event featuring Xbox and Bethesda could be coming up later this month. It’s possibly set to debut on January 25th around 3 PM EDT, though that hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.
It’s not like an E3-level event, but rather a developer special that will likely look at upcoming games in 2023. These include Redfall, which drops this May; Minecraft Legends, Forza Motorsport and possibly others.
But we already know what you’re asking. “What about Starfield?” After all, that’s one of the big Xbox/Bethesda games for the first half of 2023. Alas, we’re hearing rumors that Microsoft has a special broadcast set aside for that, though you never know what to expect with the showcase.
We’ll let you know once more details are finalized, but this would be the right way to start off 2023. For that matter, hey, Xbox, how about some Perfect Dark?!
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