Though the ESA and the new partners at Reedpop are looking to make the Electronic Entertainment Expo relevant again this year with an in-person event, there are a few notable companies that are likely not attending.
A new report from IGN has revealed that, alongside Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo won’t be attending this year’s return event.
This is a huge move if it ends up being true. For years, Nintendo held a press conference alongside the event, before moving on to its Nintendo Direct presentations for the latest news.Even when it did that, however, it always had some sort of booth on the show floor, providing a look at new and current titles for all to enjoy.
However, with the show taking a powder over the past few years due to both COVID-19 and general irrelevancy, it appears that the company may not think it’s really worth it anymore. Sony had excused itself from E3 years prior after being a major staple on the show floor, indicating that its time may had passed. And before the show became a digital event in the face of COVID, Microsoft even opted to do something offsite with its showcase, while reserving its floor space at the time to its online Mixer network, which has since gone the way of the dodo in the face of the more popular Twitch.
So that leaves a very important question – what’s left for E3? EA has already backed out of the show to do its own thing; and Rockstar Games and Devolver Digital opted to not make their presence felt as well. Even Activision chose not to take part before it became digital for a while,
There’s still third party companies like Ubisoft, Sega and more that could make the show popular, and, of course, there’s the thriving indie scene. But even with Reedpop on board, the writing may be on the wall for what we remember E3 being. We’ll just have to wait and see. E3 2023 will take place from June 13 th through 16 th in Los Angeles. It’s expected to have some “media” days, but will be a general attendance show for the most part.

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