By now you’re probably familiar with Lies of P, the forthcoming action/adventure game from NEOWIZ that’s due for release this year. But what you may not realize is just what kind of effort the development team is putting into the game to make it stand out from others of its type. Sure, it’s a game akin to Dark Souls and, some extent, maybe even Elden Ring. But the fact that Lies of P surrounds itself with an imaginative Steampunk-style world and storyline – backed by some sweet-looking combat – could help it stand head and shoulders over most of the competition.We still have a few months until the game’s release, but let’s take a closer look at the lore, as well as what makes Lies of P stand out as a whole.

Not Your Father’s Pinocchio
Lies of P presents a take on Pinocchio that’s far different from the Disney version – and, for that matter, Guillermo del Toro’s take on the story over on Netflix. It instead follows a grown up puppet mechanoid who sets out find his creator, Geppetto, while carving his way through both automated and human threats.
The city itself is an attraction all its own. What was once a hustling and bustling metropolis has become downtrodden with criminals and other vile acts, forcing Pinocchio to work his way through troubled locales – only to come head-to-head with beings that want nothing more than to shut him down.
The game thus far is absolutely beautiful, moving at a crisp 60 frames per second (depending on the hardware at hand, like PS5 and Xbox Series S/X), and features stunning animation and lighting effects, based on the gameplay video below. But what we’ve seen thus far is just a glimpse on the surface – there’s more to be explored indoors and in the caverns beneath the city.
What’s more, the voice acting and sound effects sound absolutely terrific, right down to the little clanks that each of the larger bosses deliver when they try to smush Pinocchio into a puppet pile. And who knows what other threats await later on in the endgame.

The Gameplay’s The Real Grabber
Along with being able to easily traverse through the city, Lies of P has a heavy focus on its gameplay. Along with being able to defensively shift out of the way and even parry some certain attacks from enemies, it introduces a fascinating combat system, in which you can stylishly chain together combos, set up devastating finishers and even increase your abilities, depending how far you get into the game. And you’ll need it too, because NEOWIZ is certainly picking up the challenge. As you can see in the gameplay above, each boss has something with them in terms of attacks. For instance, with the metallic juggernaut you face in the clip above, he can charge himself with an electrical shield that can do some damage if it hits. Not to mention his pounding attacks, and the ability to pick up Pinocchio and crunch him into the ground like a gnat.
There’s more to the game as well, especially as you face more complex enemies as it continues onward. That’s the cool part about a Souls-style game such as this – just when you’ve seen everything, there’s more to surprise you.

No Lies Here, Just a Truthful Package
Again, we have to wait for Lies of P to drop sometime this year for next-gen consoles and PC, as well as Xbox Game Pass (day one!). But based on what we’ve seen thus far, the game has magnificent potential to knock out the Souls genre on its butt. And that includes the likes of Elden Ring.
We’ll be back with a review following the game’s release!

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