Ever since its announcement late last summer, we were wondering when the Nintendo 64 classic Goldeneye 007 would be showing up on modern consoles. And now…we know!
Both Nintendo and Microsoft confirmed that their respective versions of Goldeneye 007 will arrive on January 27th for Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass. Goldeneye will actually be part of Rare’s Rare Replay game as well, so if you own that, you’ll automatically be able to download it!
As mentioned beforehand, the Switch Online version will feature widescreen support, online multiplayer and, of course, split-screen local multiplayer. The Xbox version, alas, won’t have online play, but it will have 4K Ultra HD resolution, along with alternate control options and a bunch of Achievements to unlock.
Enjoy the trailer below and prepare to be shaken and stirred in just a few hours!

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