It’s been a good run for the Xbox 360 Marketplace, setting the stage for more advanced online networks to follow when it came to purchasing digital video games with ease. But the party had to end sometime.
Microsoft has confirmed, via its support page, that the original Xbox 360 Marketplace will close for good this May. While specifics have yet to be finalized, this could bring an end to the service that’s been running for nearly two decades, allowing Microsoft to move its services to new consoles.
That said, there are a surprising amount of games on Xbox 360 Marketplace that aren’t available for backward compatible play on Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. So before you say adios to the old girl, what classic games that aren’t on the new service should you check out? Here’s a rundown of five favorites you shouldn’t be without if you’re still on the Xbox 360…

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
Before Space Marine II drops on newer consoles and PC later this year, you should get reacquainted with the original release. Space Marine is a bad-ass action game, one that shows just how many Orcs you can stomp with the help of your heavily armored suit and bad-ass weaponry. It’s also beautifully detailed for a years-old game. And it makes you wonder…why hasn’t this one gotten the HD treatment yet? Gotta wonder.

Street Fighter X Tekken
While everyone out there may be vested in what Street Fighter 6 will bring this summer, we can’t forget about this curious crossover game. Street Fighter X Tekken is enjoyable in its own right, with an array of brawling superstars, fun gameplay that has its own set of style, and, of course, the kind of presentation you usually expect from Capcom’s camp. But, honestly, why this isn’t on Xbox Series S/X is beyond us. Is it a rights thing?

Rush ‘n Attack
Also known in some parts as Green Beret, Konami’s arcade classic is worth replaying on the Xbox 360. Featuring enhancements with both visual and sound, along with old-school gameplay, it captures the fundamentals of the publisher’s classic days pretty much perfectly. Plus, the fact you can add this to your library for a mere $5 is hard to pass up.

Renegade Ops
For a game that’s over a decade old, Renegade Ops still feels surprisingly fresh. The game puts you in charge of a rag-tag team of soldiers fighting against an evil armada, using ground vehicles to get the job done. Loaded with weapons, it’s up to you to blow away the enemies and live to tell another day. This one’s good fun, and only ten bucks to boot!

Darkstalkers Resurrection
Though it’s nice to enjoy the games on new consoles (thanks to Capcom Fighting Collection), there’s still something worth pointing out with the excellent Darkstalkers Resurrection. Featuring all three hit games from the series, they play wonderfully here, and look even better. What’s more, the online play still works really well, so you can hop in and take on your friends anytime. Now go on, take back the night!

BONUS: Bubble Bobble Neo!
One very tragic detail about the end of Xbox 360 Marketplace is that we’ll likely see several Taito classics from the Xbox 360 era go away. That includes Bubble Bobble Neo!, a spirited and worthwhile recollection of the classic arcade game. You and a friend blow away enemies into bubbles, while at the same time collecting fruit. This is a timeless arcade favorite, and a steal for a mere ten bucks.

Farewell, Xbox 360 Marketplace, we hardly knew ye.

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