If the game industry has proven anything over the past few years, it’s that the art of the side-scrolling brawler is far from dead. Scott Pilgram vs. the World Came roaring back onto the scene in just the right way. gave Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. saw an amazing revival through Shredder’s Revenge And Cowabunga collection; And Roads of Rage 4 Prove you can bring back a classic franchise on good terms.
So what’s next? Well, all kinds of beat-em-up franchises have room to grow. Heck, done right, even Capcom can. The final fight Again great (as long as it doesn’t To the street). But, for today’s article, we want to focus on a forgotten Sega franchise in the Sega circle that needs a shot at redemption. Golden Ax.

Where did the Golden Ax go?
From the late 80s to the mid-2000s, Golden Ax was one of Sega’s most acclaimed franchises. It debuted in arcades before moving to the Sega Genesis, where it flourished with numerous sequels. (Of course, we can’t forget about the fun Golden Ax Warrior on the Sega Master System.)
As the franchise went on, some interesting choices were made, such as with the fighting game Golden Ax: The Duelalong with the 2008 3D adventure game Golden Ax: Beast Rider – The last game in the franchise to see release. But we still had some gems, e.g Golden Ax: Revenge of Death Additionwhich has recently had its own Arcade1up release for collectors to enjoy.
But beyond that, we haven’t seen much on it Golden Ax The front nods a little here and there, like a join Sega Racing Arcade titles… but hardly anything else. And, honestly, that’s a bit of a shame, because it’s one of the most popular beat-em-ups out there.
So what can Sega do to bring it back? Well, we have some ideas.

The golden axe
Remake or sequel?
There are a few options available when it comes to this. Golden AxThere is recovery, but it has to be done correctly. By that, we mean not taking the route that came with the Sega Ages version that came out for the PlayStation 2 years ago, which left a lot to be desired.
Instead, we could be talking about a fully fleshed-out remake, with a package deal that includes the original as well. VengeanceBecause these are two great games. (It won’t hurt to throw away. Golden X II or III There’s either, though.) There are plenty of talented studios that could prove their worth with a side-scrolling brawler, including some really great indie ones. So anyone can give. Golden Ax A bit of polish.
But instead of a remake… how about a sequel? Obviously Dotimo worked with Lizard Cube and Guard Crush games Roads of Rage 4Finding a wonderful balance between old and new. So… why couldn’t they do it again with him? Golden XV? (Technically, Adder of death 4 is Wishful thinking? Probably. But Sega has been talking about reviving the franchises for a while, so why not add. Golden Ax On the list?

An ax to grind
It is disappointing to see this. Golden Ax The way it was treated, the last entry in the series was a mere single-player adventure that didn’t even come close to capturing the spirit of the original titles. Which is why it’s time for Sega to strip things down to basics and give us one. Golden Ax Games we can really grind our teeth on.
Indeed, the ax is in his court. Do it, guys!

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